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Our Friends - Our friends from around the world. 

Dana Dedication -  A dedication to Dana 

Todd Dedication -   A dedication to Todd- Unsolved Murder


Our Family
Mike's Page - Information about the father of our family. What is he doing today?

Tammy's Page  -  What about the Mother? 

Chris's Page -  Who is the brother? 

Cayla's Page -  Who is the sister? 

Bevill State Community College - Bevill State Community College-Visit this site.

EDS - Mike's Work - Visit this site.

Christopher, Cayla and Reanne in red
Christmas 2003- Reanne has a new
on the way!!!!


Our Lead Story

Our Trip to New Orleans

Poems and Songs
Marriage Poem - A poem about marriage.

A Special Poem -  A very special Poem

A Poem About Tomorrow -  Very special poem about tomorrow.

A poem  -  About about truths 

Our Song - Truly, Deeply Madly

Another One of Our Songs - Your Still The One

Another Song - God Must Have

Email Information - Get to Know Us- Email Us
Other Pages

Harassment/Stalking - This page is about harassment and cyberstalking 

Internet Information - Information on Internet Dating

Alcoholism - Information about Alcoholism

Codependency - Information to understanding Codependency

Alcoholism - More Information

Alcohol - More Information  Much More

How? -  How to Live with alcoholism

Animal Drop Boxes - We will not allow this

More Information
JTM Gardens - All Your Daylily Needs

Texas - Our Texas Page

Titantic - Our Titantic Page

ICQ - Learn about ICQ

The War - War with Iraq

Christmas - Our Christmas Page

Information - A little more information.



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